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Patient Testimonials


Dr. Heather Winnan is amazing! I had chronic hip pain for about a year that was limiting my ability to play sports the pain is so intense I wasn't even able to sleep on the side. I had tried cortisone shots, rest and other chiropractors with little to no relief, but after one visit with Dr. Heather I immediately started to feel improvements. Because she is so well-versed in multiple techniques, she was able to use a mixture of adjustments, dry needling and therapy  to make my hip pain completely disappear in just a few sessions. She also showed me how to do certain exercises at home, in between treatments that really helped strengthen the area and get me where I needed to be to play and sleep without discomfort. If you're looking for a one stop shop for whatever ailment you are suffering from, Dr. Heather is it! She will treat you like you are part of her family and I respect everything about her and her approach.


I have never been to a chiropractor quite like Dr. Winnan. She has been treating me a little over 2 years now. Coming out of high school I had chronic pain in my knees and shoulders, which was due to improper movement and hardly any stretching. I was taking Aleve and Ibuprofen like it was candy. After the first time seeing Heather, she told me we had some work to do. After my first visit, I was amazed by her knowledge and expertise and I had little to no pain. actively do Crossfit which is extremely demanding on my body. Heather has helped me remain injury free while participating in this sport. I recommend her to any athlete participating in a physically demanding sport. Her ability to assess movement deficiencies and aid in improvement is like no other doctor I have been to.
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